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Knowledge is Power

During these times of Pandemic there are two powerful misconceptions that prevail and in my opinion are very dangerous. The first, is the notion that natural immunity alone protects you from disease. Perhaps you think I am out of my mind to proclaim such; however, the point is the ideal that natural immunity in and of itself protects you is a great misconception. It is for this reason that many drive themselves and others crazy focusing on the consumption of a specific supplement, food, or diet to gain said protection to bolster natural immunity. There is much to be said about this and I will provide some clarity, shortly. The greatest proof of this misconception lies in an experiment done by Louis Pasteur with chickens back in the late 1870’s. While the point of his experiment was not to prove such, I am persuaded that he inadvertently did just that. This experiment was borne out of the controversy between him and a fellow contemporary who believed that they could cause a chicken to be infected with anthrax and perish from this disease.

What is the big deal, right?

The big deal is, because their core body temperature is a few degrees higher than that of human’s ,chickens prove to have a natural immunity to anthrax infection.

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A Healthy Balance

While the ancient philosophy for health relies on balance, I am persuaded that what we define as balance as it equates to health, is not what we believe it to be. It is not natural for anything or system in life to ever be even or equal and the more one strives to accomplish such the more imbalanced their life becomes. An oxymoron; is it not. Nature does not work on the basis of equality but on restoration. When you have too much of one thing your body will naturally either store it such as sugar to fat or dispense of it such as the excretion of too much vitamin C into the urine. So then wherein lies the balance that we are all seeking so desperately to obtain?

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Do You Know the difference Between Filtered and Purified Air?

The most common problem with indoor air quality is understanding the simple difference between filtered air versus purified air. Does it really matter? The answer is most certainly. It is not a matter of life or death but it is a matter of removing the root or just patching the problem. If all you care about is simple alleviation of your potential asthmatic assailants than you will be quite satisfied with filtration. On the other hand if you are looking to eliminate the problem at the source you definitely need to be concerned with purifying your air.

Let me let you in on a little secret, your air purifier is not capable of helping you to do so.

Filtered Air Defined

When we break it down filtration equates to the removal of harmful substances by means of a filter or filtering agent. In terms of air filtration it is a matter of removing pollutants from your air by passing it through this agent.

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The Air You Breathe and It’s Impact on Asthma

These 3 Gases

These three gases have been found to be at very high levels indoors and have a direct impact on your respiratory health:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Xylene

Q: How do these gases make their way into your home?

A: They do so through their uses in building materials, cleaning products, carpeting, cosmetics, paints, synthetic fragrances, cigarette smoke, waxed paper, and pressed wood products.

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