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Tribulation is the most abundant commodity that everyone is looking to sell but no one is willing to buy. It is an experience so common to mankind that it transcends social, cultural and language barriers. It requires no introduction or explanation.

We commonly associate the following with it:

  1. Suffering.
  2. Adversity.
  3. Trial.
  4. Pain.
  5. Temptation.
  6. Infirmity.

It is safe to assume that the general perception of tribulation is not positive and we desire to avoid it as much as possible. This places a Christian in a precarious position.

This is the case when we consider what God’s word exhorts:

  1. To count it all joy, James 1:2,3.
  2. To greatly rejoice in it, 1 Peter 1:6.
  3. To not think of it as strange, 1 Peter 4:12.
  4. That we glory in it Romans 5:3.
  5. Paul expressed exceeding joy in it, 2 Corinthians 7:4.
  6. We must experience much to enter God’s kingdom, Acts 14:22.

In regards to such maybe you have thought the following:

  1. Okay Paul, I know you were a great man of God and had endured much hardship but I’m having a difficult time finding joy in this.
  2. Is there something wrong with me if I have no joy in suffering?
  3. Why must we go through tribulation?
  4. Why does God allow us to suffer?
  5. Do we experience tribulation as a form of punishment?
  6. Does tribulation mean that God has forsaken me?

I realize that these are thoughts believers scatter from as roaches do from the light. This is done out of a fear that entertaining such could give authority to them as well as make it a reality. While there is truth in that line of thought,the realization of that reality is on a conditional basis. In other words, those thoughts would not manifest without effort being put into making them so or a lack of effort to bring them about. There is also an equivalent level of danger in believing that a Christian is above such lines of thinking. It is also devastating to deny their reality. Those types of thoughts are a natural and unavoidable occurrence generated from our unconverted body. Also, another truth needs to be realized, your tribulation is not being orchestrated by God.

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