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I am a christian, disabled veteran, husband and father. If you happen to be curious about the four words that encircle my initials on my logo I will delve into their meaning. First of all, I will discuss what believe means. This represents my greatest passion which is my belief in Jesus Christ who drives me to live a life that is pleasing unto him and do my best to allow him to be seen in the things that I say and do. While I have gone through many things and failed in many ways along the way, the power of his love has become more real to me. I have come to learn that the love of God is like a tsunami that hits you like a feather. It means the magnitude of his love is overwhelming in its expanse but when it engulfs you as it washes away the filth it does not destroy you in the process but it is a gentle, warm and peaceful experience.

Teach is the second passion that appears after, believe. I enjoy investing into and empowering others with the things that I am knowledgeable in. It brings me great joy to take out the time to help another person understand something that I have an interest in and have put the time into studying and researching, to aide them in gaining a greater perspective on the subject. In the end it is the love of empowering that teaching brings along with it and perhaps it is part genetic considering that my mother is a retired teacher. Either way as I am sure you will find as you come to read some of my writings that this is a true passion of mine.

Inspire goes right along with the whole empowerment aspect of teaching. Learning can be both inspirational and empowering at the same time. I also believe the greatest teachers will accomplish both within the hearts of their students, giving them a drive to excel and potentially surpass their instructor one day. My aim is to allow God to use all that he has given me in this life, especially my writing to do just that, inspire others and help them to realize they are more capable than they realize and the only thing truly holding them back is what they allow themselves to believe about themselves.

Health the final word that encircles my initials has much to do with me being a disabled veteran. During my second tour to Iraq I came into contact with something, most likely in the water I was bathing in, that ate away at the lining around my nerves and has significantly impacted my ability to enjoy a normal life. In spite of this, after growing weary of being told that I should accept my state from medical professionals because things would not likely ever change, I embarked on a quest to understand the body. While I still suffer from my injury, I have learned so many things along the way that have helped to turn much of my situation around for the better. I have learned things that have made me question much of what I have learned of human biology and bacteriology and where disease really originates from among a few of those things. In the end I have been inspired to share these things for the benefit of others and do my best to present this information as bias free as possible, so people are free to draw their own conclusions

Just in case you are wondering, the loquaciousness is also a genetic tendency, developed from my southern roots. Oh, for all of you who think otherwise, yes, Florida is officially a part of the south as it is a peninsula, surrounded by water on three sides, although many seem to think it is some island just floating out there that just happens to buffer Georgia and Alabama. I don’t know how many times my friends who came from Texas or other places tried to convince me that Florida was not part of the south. While it is not currently my home, my roots will always lie there. Thanks for making it this far down whether you skipped over a few lines or so to get here or not.

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